Local Honey

Fricks Farm and Apiaries sells local NC honey. Because it is raw honey, it has not been filtered or heated, so it retains pollen particles and natural enzymes. Our honeybees forage around Orange County and Alamance County, NC, so they bring in nectar and pollen from a variety of flora. A mix of red maple, blackberry, tulip poplar, honey locust, and clover honey is typical for the spring/early summer harvest. All of the honey we sell is produced from local sources.

We have a limited supply of honey available each year with the new crop extracted in mid-summer. We also have beeswax candles and other products for sale by mail or at our farm in Chapel Hill, NC.

Know Your Beekeeper

The only way to really know where your food comes from and the quality of it is to know the source. When you come to our farm to buy honey, you can see a few of our beehives at work. Our honeybees are busy in our pollinator garden, in our vegetable garden, and in our neighbors' gardens.

Uses For Honey

Honey may be used as a sweetener in drinks, as a condiment on toast or biscuits or with cheeses, and can be used as a sugar substitute when baking. 

Care of Your Honey

Honey should be stored at room temperature in a tightly sealed container. Honey never spoils, but it may granulate in certain conditions. If you have honey that has crystallized, don't throw it away; simply warm it in a double boiler on the stove top until it returns to liquid.